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Technological Characteristics of HDPE Steel Strip Reinforced Spiral Bellows

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  Teel band reinforced polyethylene(HDPE)spiral bellows are based on high density polyethylene(HDPE)as the matrix(inner and outer layers).The tube wall structure consists of three layers:the inner layer is a continuous solid-wall inner tube,the inner layer is wound with a composite useful steel band and folded into an inverted U-shaped ring corrugated steel band reinforcement.The steel band coated with bonding resin on the surface is formed as the main supporting structure,and is combined with the polycondensation.ethylene

  The material is wound and compounded into an integral spiral bellows.Therefore,the product can combine the high stiffness of steel,high strength and corrosion resistance,wear resistance and flexibility of plastics.It can not only make the pipe reach the three ring stiffness of SN8,SN2.5 and SN16,but also solve the corrosion resistance problem of steel,and make up for the weakness that the general ring stiffness of large diameter all-plastic underground drainage pipe can only reach SN8.The product has many connecting methods.It can meet various engineering needs and meet the requirements of reliable sealing and convenient connection.At the same time,the product achieves high performance,another prominent feature is saving raw materials,compared with the same diameter,the same ring stiffness of all plastic buried drainage pipe can significantly reduce costs;At the same time,compared with the traditional drainage pipe,it has reliable sealing,long service life,flexible anti-seismic,light weight,convenient and fast construction,is a new type of chemical building materials with broad prospects for promotion,suitable for medium for a long time.Drainage pipeline works such as rainwater,sewage and wastewater drainage system whose temperature is not more than 45 C.

  Product characteristics

  Adopting advanced tubular structure and adopting high quality cold-rolled steel plate skeleton inside are the most rigid tubular materials among many plastic structural tubular materials,which make the tubular materials have excellent impact strength and good geological adaptability,and are more widely used in various geological conditions and various engineering application requirements.

  (1)Long service life:The normal service life can be more than 50 years.

  (2)Excellent corrosion resistance:Except for a few strong oxidants,it can resist the erosion of various chemical media.

  (3)Good wear resistance:By comparing with the wear resistance of steel tube,the wear resistance is more than 4 times of that of steel tube.

  (4)Good low temperature resistance and impact resistance:good toughness,high impact strength;low embrittlement temperature,application range-60~40~C.

  (5)Good construction performance:light weight,convenient construction,fast,reliable connection,low comprehensive cost of the project.

  (6)Small flow resistance:smooth pipe surface,low fluid resistance,can reduce the pressure loss of pipeline and water conveyance energy consumption.

  (7)Connection modes are varied and reliable:various connections are combined to use,the connection is firm and the leakage resistance is good.Reliable connection can make the pipeline reach zero leakage.

  Application area

  (1)Municipal engineering:It can be used for drainage and sewage pipe.

  (2)Electrical and telecommunication engineering:can be used for the protection of various power cables;

  (3)Industry:widely used in chemical,pharmaceutical,environmental protection and other industries of sewage pipes;

  (4)Road engineering:used as seepage drainage pipe for railway and expressway;

  (5)Golf course and football field engineering:seepage drainage pipe for golf course and football field;

  (6)Construction works:for building rainwater pipes,underground drainage pipes,sewage pipes,ventilation pipes,etc.

  (7)Railway and highway communications:can be used as protective tubes for communication cables and optical cables;

  (8)Agriculture and garden engineering:for irrigation and drainage of farmland,orchards,tea plantations and forest belts;

  (9)Mining field:can be used as mine ventilation,air supply,drainage pipe;

  (10)For drainage and sewage pipes in various industries:such as large-scale wharf,port engineering,large airport engineering,etc.

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