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Product Characteristics of HDPE Porous Plum Blossom Tube

Release time:2019-04-26click :44

  HDPE porous pipe is made of HDPE(high density polyethylene)as raw material,which can be laid at one time without second piercing tube by using one-step forming technology,sheath and sub-tube as a whole.The product has the advantages of light weight,convenient handling,smooth inner wall,labor-saving threading,HDPE(polyethylene)as the main material and wide temperature range(40~80).It has the advantages of low temperature resilience,strong compression and impact resistance,acid and alkali resistance,aging resistance,and service life of more than 50 years.It is suitable for optical cables,cables,coaxial lines and cables,and is widely used in telecommunications,cable industry.The use of telecommunication power such as radio and television,railway and army.

  Product characteristics

  (1)Pe porous plum blossom tube adopt porous integral structure,the result is compact and the force is uniform;

  (2)The equivalent outer diameter of Pe porous plum blossom pipes meets the requirements of the technical specifications of the telecommunication industry;

  (3)Pe porous plum-blossom pipe raw materials adopt special combination polyethylene dilute,which has good low resilience,acid and alkali resistance,aging resistance,compression resistance and impact resistance;

  (4)Pe porous plum blossom pipe has small frictional resistance on the inner wall of the pipe and is easy to be constructed.

  (5)The suitable temperature of PE porous plum blossom pipe mining is+80 40 C,and the construction temperature is below 10 C.The low temperature cell cleavage is good,which can be applied in tropical and cold regions.

  (6)Pe multi-hole plum blossom pipe has many holes,which can reserve holes and improve the utilization rate of communication holes.

  (7)It has remarkable social and economic benefits.

  Application area

  Widely used in radio and television,communications and other licensed industries,but also as municipal,highway,bridge,buried line sheath pipe,is an ideal new type of casing.

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