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Characteristics of MPP Electric Casing

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  MPP uses modified polypropylene as the main raw material and is constructed without a lot of dredging,excavation and road damage.Compared with the traditional"trenchless buried pipe method",trenchless electric power pipe engineering is more suitable for the current environmental protection requirements.This technology can also lay pipelines in some areas where excavation can not be carried out,such as historic sites protection area,downtown area,crop and farmland protection.District,highway,river,etc.

  Product characteristics

  (1)Strong corrosion resistance:Except for a few strong oxidants,most of the chemical media can not be eroded,and the acid-base factors of the general use environment will not destroy the pipeline;

  (2)Strong impact resistance:because of the good toughness of pipeline base material,it is easy to restore its original shape when subjected to external impact,and it will not break down under the condition of foundation settlement;

  (3)Strong aging resistance:in the environment without direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation,the service life of the pipeline can reach more than 50 years;

  (4)MPP power pipe has good cold resistance:no special protective measures are needed during construction under general low temperature conditions(-30 C);

  (5)The construction is simple and low in cost:the pipeline is light in weight,convenient in transportation,simple in welding process,convenient in construction,which can save a lot of engineering time and cost.The comprehensive cost is low,and the advantages are more obvious in the case of tight construction period and poor construction conditions.

  Application area

  MPP power pipe is mainly used in the construction of power cable,communication,optic-optical cable,urban gas supply,urban water supply and urban heating pipeline.It can realize horizontal directional construction without excavation,and can resist high temperature,prevent products from deformation,cracking,corrosion resistance,energy saving and environmental protection at extremely high temperature.

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