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How to excavate pipe trench for HDPE water supply pipe trench

Release time:2019-04-23click :154

  Today,based on the experience of production and construction of HDPE water supply pipe and HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe,Sanmenxia Northwest Lianxin Pipeline Co.,Ltd.,Xiaobian will explain how to excavate pipe trench for HDPE water supply pipe trench.

  1.Pipe trench excavation should follow a straight line.When HDPE water supply pipeline is connected underground,the width of groove bottom at the interface should be increased appropriately,and the width of groove bottom of the pipeline should be convenient for installation and docking.

  2.When HDPE water supply pipeline is buried,the smaller depth of overburden soil should meet the requirements.Buried under the roadway should not be less than 0.8 meters.Buried under the sidewalk should not be less than 0.6 meters.

  3.When the HDPE water supply pipe crossing the road can not reach the design depth,measures should be taken to lay steel casing for protection.

  4.When HDPE water supply pipe trough must turn,the turning angle should not be too large,and the bending radius should conform to the relevant regulations.

  5.Manual excavation of pipe trenches requires that the bottom of the trench be flat and compact,without sharp objects.The bottom of the trench may fluctuate,but the pipe must be supported smoothly.If there is overexcavation,it must be backfilled and compacted.

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