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Why Choose HDPE Steel Strip Reinforced Spiral Bellows

Release time:2019-04-23click :158

  Why choose HDPE steel belt reinforced spiral bellows?HDPE water supply pipe and HDPE gas pipe are used in many pipeline laying projects.It is welcomed for its superiority.

  HDPE ribbon reinforced spiral corrugated pipe is widely used in the field of water supply pipe manufacturing because of its high strength,high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance and non-toxicity.Because it is not easy to rust,it is an ideal pipe to replace ordinary drainage pipe.

  Because of the inner wall lubrication,the friction coefficient is very low,and HDPE steel belt reinforced spiral bellows have excellent wear resistance.Moreover,the pipe has good toughness,high impact strength,strong shock resistance and distortion resistance.

  Welcome to buy high quality HDPE double-wall bellows and PVC-U power sheath and other products.

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