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Development status of HDPE double-wall bellows

Release time:2019-04-26click :156

  How about the development status of HDPE double-wall bellows?HDPE water supply pipes and HDPE steel band reinforced spiral bellows and other HDPE pipes have attracted much attention since they came into the market.

  After years of development and innovation,HDPE double-wall bellows have developed from a single variety to a complete set of products.In addition,the production process and use technology of the products have reached a very mature stage.

  Because of its excellent performance and low cost,HDPE double-wall bellows have been affirmed and favored by users in some developed countries such as Europe and America.

  This kind of HDPE gas pipe and PVC-U electric power sheath has been widely used in drainage and heating projects of municipal government,protective sleeve of underground pipeline and protective sleeve sleeve of communication cable,etc.If you need this pipe,please contact us.

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