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CPVC power bushing
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CPVC power bushing

CPVC power bushing
CPVC power bushing
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  Power cable protection conduit is mainly used for laying power cable and plays the role of guiding and protecting cable.It can replace steel pipe and asbestos cement pipe used in power system.The product has the characteristics of anti-magic corrosion,high temperature resistance,anti-aging,high compressive strength,no eddy current phenomenon,good flame retardancy,high voltage electrical insulation,good wear resistance,small friction coefficient of inner wall,pollution-free,light weight,long service life,etc.It also has the advantages of convenient construction,no need to pour concrete protective layer,and low engineering cost.

  Product characteristics

  1.Light weight:CPVC density is 1350-1500KG/M3,weight is generally 1/10 of the same pressure pipeline,steel pipe 1/6,convenient transportation and installation.

  2.Convenient construction and remarkable economic benefits:CPVC high-voltage power pipe is composed of joints,waterproof sealing rings,brackets and other components.Reasonable design,convenient construction,no need to pour concrete protective layer,bracket using combination connection,shorten the construction period,no radioactive carcinogens,has significant economic and social benefits.

  3.Excellent corrosion resistance:CPVC is resistant to acid,alkali,salt and other chemical solvents,and does not crack in oil.

  4、High strength,flame retardant,smoke suppression,heat resistance,long service life:CPVC high-voltage power pipe completely overcomes the shortcomings of poor weather resistance of ordinary PVC:Its strength can replace steel pipe and overcome the phenomenon that steel pipe is easy to corrode and the single-core cable is damaged by high temperature caused by closed magnetic circuit.The flame retardant grade of CPVC pipe is FV-O.It can't burn itself,extinguish immediately after fire,oxygen index>=40%,basically no heat transfer,Vicat softening temperature<=93can be used at 105temperature.

  5.Performance-price ratio advantage:CPVC pipe is slightly lower than the same kind of cement pressure pipe,20%lower than the same kind of pipe,and the comprehensive cost can be reduced by 15%.

  Application area

  Widely used in urban road construction,community development,landscape,enterprise construction and other places,as power,street lights,lawn lights,courtyard lights,intelligent residential areas,cable television,communications,intelligent transportation cable bushing.

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