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HDPE double-wall bellows
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New Rubber Ring for Anti-inversion Bracket

New Rubber Ring for Anti-inversion Bracket
New Rubber Ring for Anti-inversion Bracket
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  Large-caliber high-density polyethylene(HDPE)double-wall corrugated pipe is a new type of drainage and sewage pipe developed in the 21st century.It is extruded and processed with polyethylene as the main raw material and unique forming technology.The inner wall of the pipe is smooth,the outer wall is corrugated,and the inner and outer wall is hollow.The socket adopts double-layer pipe wall,which is enlarged on-line in production.One-step forming avoids the thin production of single-layer pipe wall due to its thin wall.Deformability of raw materials.Double-layer pipe wall is hard,flexible connection with rubber rings,beautiful appearance,special structure,light weight,high strength,acid resistance,corrosion resistance,compression resistance,easy installation,reliable connection,not easy to leak,low comprehensive cost,long life,etc.It is widely used in drainage and sewage system.

  Product characteristics:

  The external corrugated structure designed by mechanical principle is scientific and reasonable,and has good physical and mechanical properties.

  (1)Long service life:Under normal working conditions,PE pipes can be used safely for more than 50 years.

  (2)Excellent corrosion performance:Except for a few strong oxidants,there is no electrochemical corrosion.

  (3)Excellent wear resistance:Compared with steel tube,the wear resistance of PE tube is more than 4 times that of steel tube.

  (4)Good low temperature resistance and impact resistance:good toughness,high impact strength,low embrittlement temperature,application range-60 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius;

  Good construction performance:light weight,convenient and fast construction,reliable connection,low comprehensive cost of the project;

  Good windability:The pipeline is flexible,can be moderately bent,and has good anti-uneven settlement effect.

  _Small flow resistance:smooth pipe surface,low fluid resistance,can reduce the pressure loss of pipeline and water conveyance energy consumption.

  Application area

  1.Municipal Engineering:It can be used for drainage and sewage pipe.

  2.Architectural engineering:for building rainwater pipes,underground drainage pipes,sewage pipes,ventilation pipes,etc.

  3.Electrical and telecommunication engineering:It can be used for the protection of various power cables.

  4.Railway and highway communications:they can be used as protective tubes for communication cables and optical cables.

  5.Industry:widely used in chemical industry,medicine,environmental protection and other industries of sewage pipes;

  6.Agriculture and garden engineering:for irrigation and drainage of farmland,orchard,tea garden and forest belt;

  7.Road engineering:used as seepage drainage pipes for railways and expressways;

  8.Mine:It can be used as mine ventilation,air supply and drainage pipe.

  9.Golf Course and Football Course Engineering:Seepage Drainage Pipe for Golf Course and Football Course

  10.Drainage and sewage pipes for various industries:such as large wharfs,port projects,large airport projects,etc.

  Note:Opened double-wall corrugated pipe can be used as seepage drainage pipe for saline-alkali land and expressway.

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